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I have visited a preserved monastic garden several times. This garden with perennial flower beds is located in Breda in the south of the Netherlands. If you have opportunity to watch the perennial beds at weekly intervals, you can see how beautifully their colours and structures are converted and how their beauty culminates with the arrival of autumn.

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I would like to share with you my joy of this trend. It brings a whiff of the history, the hand-crafts and the bohemian style combined with new interior styles and trends of the interior plants.

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Me and my husband visited our beloved city Amsterdam beginning of August.

We wanted to recall the times when we lived in this city and  we also wanted to enjoy the food in some of the amazing restaurants. Personally, I also looked forward to see summer foliage in Amsterdam, which is breath-taking.

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Daily Poetry in Eindhoven, Netherland

I am the one who love concept stores.

I am very glad that this trend has become popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The biggest benefit of these shops is their focus and inspirational “concept” that you can feel immediately after stepping into the store itself.

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In my opinion, every gift should have nice wrapping. It is my favorite activity to think about the right gift wrapping, looking for colors, papers and ribbons. I always think about gift’s recipient to delight him once he looks at the wrapping.

I am a supporter of natural colors and materials and  I think that natural  wrapping is the best choice for Christmas.

Here is my selected inspiration.

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Styling for slovak illustrator
foto by Bibiana Ružičková photography

Graphic design/ Prints for weddings

Decoration/ Floristic design

Pink day


styling for: photo: Bibiana Ružičková photography

Beautiful morning with beautiful people. This is the summary of one day, which was literally pink and floral.

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