After a long pause I’m back with my blog about beautiful places and things of life. Since my last blog, There has been a great change in my life  since my last blog post- our son Alexander  was born and the world just got much more beautiful and happier. I also started  to see more details around and put more emotions and patience to projects.

By upbringing of this little miracle, I would like to continue blogging and provide you with beauty regularly and I hope this my contributions will please and enrich you.

When Alexander was 6 months old we took him to Slovakia for 1 month holiday.  On the road back from Slovakia to the Netherlands we visited a magnificent castle -Schloss Hohenerxleben, located between Leipzig and Hanover.

The castle is partially renovated and you can feel there past combined with modern world. It is a hotel, restaurant, theater and wellness center all in one.

We enjoyed food on an outdoor terrace, surrounded from one side by old walls covered by Boston ivy, on the opposite side by roses.  There were flowers everywhere and on every desk and shelf there were fresh bouquets, the sun shone and in the background the horses grazed past pastures.
A romantic place made for a beautiful weekend.
I took photos by mobile but I had to put it here 🙂