Each of us likes a piece of space at home where he feels comfortable and his creativity keeps growing or he rests consciously/ subconsciously while working on computer.

The world trend is „home-office“and for this activity there is need of supportive environment for energy flow, sustained rhythm of focus and well-being that ensures high quality work results.

There are some of the conditions that can support well created work-space. It should be in harmony to remind us of our goals and why we actually started and keeps us sitting as long as possible. It should reflect our strength and be a safe place for our souls to continue with our plans.

There are many elements that make a workspace cozy. Today I chose green plants as one of them. Whether you are or not a creative type (I think everybody is creative in their own way), green plants and their presence will guarantee you the peace of mind. They supply space with oxygen and their green color improves thinking and bring vitality to life.

Personally, I need workspace environment which pleases me, is my inspiration for further work and keeps the rhythm of my creative energy flowing. I love the combination of white and green. This way, I would like to thank my beloved husband, who helps me with the interior of the workplace (we share it together and he brings ratio, technical solutions and his spirit there).

I wish you all your creativity grows at your workplace and stays at home so that you can show your hidden power to the world.

Here are my favorite workspaces around the world.