I would like to share with you my joy of this trend. It brings a whiff of the history, the hand-crafts and the bohemian style combined with new interior styles and trends of the interior plants.

Hanging baskets are nice and do not need much space. You can easily just hang them and watered the flowers to get a long-term effect and decorating function. It is up to you where you choose to hang the planter, there are no boundaries how to hang them or what style to choose. The best way is to check the feeling and style of your interior and try to fill in this style.

Any kind of pot you choose, consider the choice of the plants in it. There are many plants that can create a curtain effect, some plants can become the dominant of the room and some can mask the wanted spots in the interior.

Very modern plants are succulents and “our grandmothers plants”, because they are easy for the maintenance. They are ideal choice for the minimalist and industrial style. Try to play with your creativity and create a piece of paradise.