Daily Poetry in Eindhoven, Netherland

I am the one who love concept stores.

I am very glad that this trend has become popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The biggest benefit of these shops is their focus and inspirational “concept” that you can feel immediately after stepping into the store itself.

More and more concept stores I visited, the more I am convinced that they reveal the soul and taste of the shop’s owner.

Often you can find the owner himself in the small concept stores. They usually have the sparkle in the eyes- that’s the evidence they fulfill their designer’s dream.

When you visit some of the concept stores, which already belong to the store chain throughout the country, you can also remain enchanted  with the mentioned idea of a beautiful, tastefully matched interior accessories with the goods.

In these oases of the cities there is any assumption that you will buy a full bag of goods. The atmosphere in the concept storecan be compared to the atmosphere in the gallery.

Personally, I am not able to leave these shops easilly.  I always leave them fascinated and full of the new ideas.

Daily poetry in Eindhoven, Netherlands

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