Can you imagine drinking coffee at a flower shop?

In Amsterdam, there is an amazing place that can provide this experience  and they have also delicious cakes.

In February last year two friends Mila and Emma founded the business with an idea to bring more greenery to Amsterdam. Greenery is good for humans, animals, bees and the city needs it. Greenery is good in the interior, on small balcony, in community garden,  in pots in front of the entrance door … just wherever possible.

Since then, you can see pictures of Wildernis on all social networks and if you happen to visit Amsterdam, do not miss the opportunity to go there. It is really a place full of greenery, amazing scent and inspiring images. You can buy all kinds of plant, from big plants to  3 cm small cacti and of course beautiful supplements- posters, pots, decorations…You can chat with nice girls, they talk about business and about a mission of the shop and you suddenly realize that you are in this green paradise for nearly an hour because you feel that you have not seen everything.

I walked away with the idea I really need at least 100 new plants for my home 🙂

Information about Wildernis: Bilderdijkstraat 165 F, 1053 KP Amsterdam – Tel: 020-7852517 –