Buying a new houseplant is always happiness. Especially this one, because I have a weakness for ferns.

I love texture and shape of the leaves and I am not going to write a poem about a lush green color of this plant…I recommend buying a fern as a therapy for these rainy days. You can buy it together with autumn sweater or apple strudel.

By the way, I made a paper pot for plant because I liked the paper and I did not want to throw it away. It may look  like not practical for watering but it is not so. I put a plastic container under the original pot from the plant. The container will hold excess water and then I wrapped the complex into paper.

Brief advice for growing ferns: The soil should be kept moist at all times and the plant should be in the penumbra. Re-potting should be done usually in the spring once every two years and fertilization from April till September once per month.

Wish you beautiful autumn days!